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    Good when up and running; however, too many niggles for the price.

    • Written by from KING'S LYNN

    The o rings did not match the assembly description, viz, the black markers simply did not fall where they were meant to on the case from without at least one corner being very pinched; the case back ring did not have the top T lug. Fitting the two together was sufficiently awkward to give concern as to whether or not the o rings are still seated properly.
    Given that this is not a case I'd want to take off and reassemble any more than once in a blue moon, and given that this product is currently the only ruggedised case approved by Apple, I was particularly irritated to find that the Apple double usb/hdmi adaptor has a moulding around the Apple 30-pin connector which is too big to fit through the case's charge port aperture.
    Also, the clear back panel just does not work aesthetically: the clear space it leaves shows an irregular area of the iPad's silver back. This is obviously a marketing device by which the word Lifeproof stands out more - but having paid almost £90, I don't want their advert on it.
    Sure, it works when it works, it has been engineered to a reasonable degree, it has been approved by Apple. Nonetheless, I expected a bit more refinement for the money - and not to have such a pain of an assembly either.

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