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    Not what I had hoped

    • Written by from London

    Firstly this is not what it seems, it is a DIRECT connection between your camera and iOS device. Yes it says it connects between the two but when the Highlights state "Great for portraits - no more hiding behind your camera" I assumed that meant being in the shot, controlling the camera wirelessly. Not so, and the cable is woefully short so you can't be in the shot unless you want a REAL close up! There are other features that would bypass this shortcoming such as making a noise to activate the shutter, or motion detection. But camera and iDevice still have to be directly connected, and I didn't much fancy leaving my iPhone dangling from the camera on a tripod.... really, who would? Timer options are 20 or 60 second countdowns which are too long in my opinion. My SLR's own ones are far more flexible. The accompanying ioShutter app is free, unless you want the ability to program your ioShutter device, but that 'Pro' feature costs 7 pounds! I think that's a rip off considering the price of the thing in the first place, it should be included!
    Unless you take a lot of night photography and want to eliminate camera shake in those shots I can't see how this is a useful addition to anyone's kit.

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