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    • Written by from KOROPI

    I was looking for decent speaker(s) to complement my new Mac mini & to replace the desktop speakers which I had.

    Have to admit that I like the Apple-like design and simple USB connection. I regard the sound quality as very good, with quality bass & treble, without distortion, it wont match your home hifi but then that is not its intended purpose. Whereas before purchase i was hooking my iPad to my home hi-fi purely for the sound quality, I know do that less and less as I think the output from the Xtrememac is more than sufficient for my every day listening through ITunes.

    As a desktop speaker system it is very good value for money, highly recommended!

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    Apple-like design combined with great sound

    • Written by from Benfleet

    I selected the XtremeMac sound bar to compliment my 21.5" iMac and as another reviewer has said, it fits well and looks good with the iMac. I also agree that it's great that it just needs a USB connection rather than also needing a separate power lead.

    I was slightly nervous about purchasing this product as I had read reviews elsewhere that weren't all that complimentary about the volume and bass levels of the sound bar. However, I am reasonably well impressed with both. It was the bass that I felt needed the most improvement on the iMac internal speakers and was the main reason for looking at external speakers. I am a musician and singer so have a reasonably well tuned ear and listen to a wide variety of music styles. The sound bar offers good depth of sound and I'm satisfied that I haven't sacrificed any quality and enjoyment for aesthetics.

    I don't have an issue with the placement of the headphone socket as I don't ever use this. Worth a mention is that the combination of the iMac volume control and that on the soundbar means that there is a high degree of sensitivity on the volume control which means that I can listen to music at a volume conducive to a sleeping toddler in the next room!

    And finally - my soundbar has just developed a fault - it's cutting out. However, Apple's aftercare is as good as it is on Apple products. They are arranging pick up of the faulty speaker but the replacement should be with me within 48 hours. The sound bar is covered for warranty for 12 months and if further issues develop then they are happy to offer a refund.

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    Excellent sound quality from a compact speaker system

    • Written by from Glenealy

    I bought this for use with my Mac Mini which I have set up in my home office. I was looking for something that met the following requirements:
    Looked good
    Had reasonable sound quality (I'm not looking for studio sound here)
    Didn't require a bunch of cables running all over the place.

    The Tago Bar Speaker met all these requirements admirably. I have to say that the sound quality is extremely impressive. The bass has an impressive kick although it's never going to match a dedicated bass bin. The mid and high range are nice and clear and there is no distortion until you turn it up really loud.

    The fact that it doesn't need a power supply and that it only needs a USB connection to the computer is a big plus for me. I hate wires running everywhere.

    It also looks really nice. It has a nice brushed aluminium finish which matches the mac nicely . It looks like it belongs. No nasty garish colours or logos and no cheap plastic.

    If you're looking for studio sounds look elsewhere. If you're looking to enhance the sound your iMac, macbook, or mac-mini then this is a great option. I highly recommend it. Worth every penny.

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    Xtrememac Tango Bar

    • Written by from Nr Kettering

    Fits well under 21.5 Mac, looks very apple so compliments the system well, cable approx 500mm long, jacks and cable line up with the ports on rear, all in all very good looking system, boosts sound brilliantly too, soooperb purchase.

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