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    Not half bad

    • Written by from LONDON

    Sound: not bad for a relatively small powered speaker. Sounds pretty good on a variety of different music types and seems to maintain quality through out its volume range. Stereo image is a bit narrow - not unexpectedly. Doesn't suffer from the superficially attractive boom and tiz of 'hi-fi' speaker systems. Really requires the Libratone app to get the best out of it - rather than just presets this could do with more advanced settings to allow the user to tweak things a bit more. Overall: if there is any criticism the sound lacks 'involvement' when compared to more high end speaker systems but is loud enough for general purpose listening, even in a large space.

    Construction: excellent and is quite heavy, surprisingly it gets warm and the fabric covered mains lead is quite stiff..?! AirPlay seems to work well from iPad and iTunes on various desktop Macs, although what with waking up the Libratone and connecting from an Airplay device it can take a while for playback to start. i.e. it's not really instant on. Currently the iPhone 4s Airplay manages to reliably crash the Libratone!

    Looks: funky, furry and not like the usual hidious black boxes - pity you can't buy a spare woolen jumper for it to change it's colour!

    Is it worth it? A bit on the pricy side but the convenience of a single box, funky good looks, lack of the usual birds nest of wires and easy portability combined with good although not really breathtaking sound quality make this definitely worth considering.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great device after the firmware upgrade

    • Written by from Belfast

    A lot better now the firmware was upgraded - previously we were getting a lot of cut outs. Since the firmware upgrade we've had none.

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