Seagate 1TB Backup Plus USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive for Mac

Seagate 1TB Backup Plus USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive for Mac

Product Information

  • Overview

    The Seagate Backup Plus for Mac portable hard drive simplifies backups when you want to protect your entire digital life locally or on social networks. The drive is formatted for Mac out of the box, making it compatible with Time Machine software to provide the simplest and most efficient way to back up locally.

    Protect your content on social networks

    With the Save feature, you can back up your own content from favourite social networks. Capture a photo on your iPhone, post it on a social networking site and then let the Seagate Dashboard automatically back it up. Even if the file gets accidentally deleted from your iPhone, you'll have another copy waiting.

    Easily share with social networks

    The Share feature lets you upload multiple files simultaneously to social networks from your computer. Simply select files to upload, choose where to post them and even add comments. Managing your social profile has never been easier.

    Compatible with Mac and PC

    Install the downloadable HFS+ driver for PC, and use the drive interchangeably between your Mac computers and Windows PCs – without reformatting. Also take advantage of the Seagate Backup Plus design and upgrade from the included USB 3.0 interface to Thunderbolt technology or FireWire 800 with an additionally purchasable adapter.

  • Highlights

    • Formatted for Mac out of the box
    • Save feature backs up your content from favourite social media networks
    • Share feature allows you to upload multiple files to social networks at once
    • Downloadable HFS+ driver for PC lets you use the drive interchangeably between Macs and PCs without reformatting
    • Compatible with Time Machine
    • Ultra-fast USB 3.0 transfer rate
  • Did you notice?

    Share and Save features make it a snap to post and back up your content on favourite social media networks.
  • Apple Recommends For

    Easily back up files from your Mac wherever you go.
  • What's in the Box?

    • Seagate Backup Plus Portable External Hard Drive
    • Seagate Dashboard pre-loaded on the drive
    • Quick start guide
    • USB 3.0 adapter with 18 in./45.7 cm cable
  • Tech Specs

    • Other Features: Time Machine compatible
    • Connections: USB 3.0
    • Power Source: Bus Powered
    • Height: 15.2 mm/0.6 in.
    • Width: 124.5 mm/4.9 in.
    • Weight: 198.45 g
    • Length: 81.3 mm/3.2 in.
  • System Requirements


    • OS X 10.6 or later


    • Windows 8/7/Vista/XP (SP3)
  • Manufacturer Information

    Part Number

    • Mfr. Part Number: STBW1000102
    • UPC or EAN No.: 7636490044410


    • Note: Applen yhden vuoden rajoitettu takuu ei koske tuotteita, jotka eivät ole Apple-merkkisiä, vaikka ne olisivat samassa pakkauksessa Applen tuotteiden kanssa tai myytäisiin niiden kanssa. Muilla kuin Apple-merkkisillä tuotteilla on mahdollisesti tuotteen valmistajan myöntämä valmistajan takuu – katso lisätietoja tuotteen pakkauksesta ja dokumentaatiosta. Valmistajan takuun edut täydentävät kuluttajalainsäädännön takaamia oikeuksia. Katso lisätietoja osoittamalla tähän tähän.

Ratings & Reviews

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  • Does not work with the new Mac Pro!

    1.0 out of 5 stars

    My new, late 2013 Mac Pro won't recognise, write to nor format this drive. It does however work with my older Air and iMac.

    • Written by from Bath

    2 of 3 people found this useful

    Was this useful? Does not work with the new Mac Pro!
  • Simples!

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Bought this as a second TimeMachine for my iMac and MBA - the primary TimeMachine is my 2TB Time Capsule but, having had a previou Bought this as a second TimeMachine for my iMac and MBA - the primary TimeMachine is my 2TB Time Capsule but, having had a previous Time Machine sparse bundle get its twisters in a knick, I always try to have a second one. Having switched my NAS (raid 5) box to archiving I needed a new TimeMachine and this little drive fits the purpose. USB3, so fast on my MBA (not quite so fast on my USB2 only iMac) it comes out of the safe to get hooked up to each computer about once a fortnight or so. Should my Time Capsule fail, I now have a second copy that should never be too old - and almost all my working and oft-updated files and emails are synced between my iMac and MBA via the cloud anyway, so a few weeks or a month old is not a major problem.
    I've noticed the USB adapter can be replaced with a Thunderbolt connector if necessary (although the connector isn't exactly cheap) - would be a consideration if I end up with several of these drives.
    I also have the 500GB drive (to carry around as a supplementary drive with my MBA) but that's USB3 only (shame) but I'm not complaining.
    So far, these drives have been good value.

    • Written by from Laurencekirk

    6 of 6 people found this useful

    Was this useful? Simples!