Libratone Lounge AirPlay Speaker

Libratone Lounge AirPlay Speaker

Product Information

  • Overview

    Libratone Lounge stems from a long line of Scandinavian design classics - minimalistic elegance means it blends in yet stands out at the same time.

    The Libratone Lounge AirPlay Speaker is easy to use - simply select the music you want to listen to on your iPod touch, iPhone, iPad or Mac, press play and listen. The Libratone Lounge begins to play your music as soon as your iPod, iPhone, iPad or Mac is within range and stops playing when you are outside it.

    Apple AirPlay technology streams high-quality audio wirelessly from your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad to your Libratone Lounge. And you can enjoy your music without any loss of quality at any distance, as long as you are within reach of your wireless network.

    Libratone Lounge plays music like an acoustic instrument, dispersing sound waves in all directions and reflecting them off the walls giving a 360-degree FullRoom sound experience. Whether you're dancing, working, playing or watching TV, and no matter how far you are from the speaker, the audio experience will stay the same.

    The Libratone app (available from the App Store) allows you to enhance and customise your FullRoom musical experience. The app lets you input information about the placement of your Libratone Lounge and it then automatically adjusts the sound to fit your room. The app also allows you to use your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad to control the volume thus eliminating the need for an extra remote.

  • Highlights

    • FullRoom acoustic technology for exceptional sound performance
    • AirPlay for high-resolution wireless audio streaming
    • Built-in Digital Signal Processing and Digital Amplification
    • 5 drive units: 1x5" bass, 2x3" midrange and 2x1" ribbon based tweeter - for crystal clear sound
    • Wrapped in Italian wool
    • Libratone app (available from the App Store) - allows you to enhance and customise the FullRoom experience
    • Libratone PlayDirect creates a direct wireless network between your iOS device and Libratone speaker – for a truly portable sound experience
  • Did you notice?

    PlayDirect lets you connect via AirPlay anywhere, even where no Wi-Fi network is available.
  • Apple Recommends For

    Classic Scandinavian designed speaker with full 360-degree stereo sound.
  • What's in the Box?

    • Libratone Lounge AirPlay Speaker
  • Tech Specs

    • Frequency Response: 38 to 20.000 Hz
    • Input Type: 3.5mm Stereo Jack
    • Other Features: AirPlay
    • Connections: AirPlay, Headphone port
    • Speaker Configurations: Stereo
    • Drivers: 1x8” inverted woofer, 2x4” ceramic midrange and 2x1” ribbon based tweeter.
    • Power: 95-255 VAC, 50/60Hz
      Power consumption: 80/6 W; energy-saving standby power consumption of only 1 W
    • Power Source: AC
    • Height: 22 cm
    • Width: 12 cm
    • Weight: 12 kg
    • Length: 100 cm
  • Manufacturer Information

    Part Number

    • Mfr. Part Number: LT-210-US-1101
    • UPC or EAN No.: 5710957001122


    • Note: Applen yhden vuoden rajoitettu takuu ei koske tuotteita, jotka eivät ole Apple-merkkisiä, vaikka ne olisivat samassa pakkauksessa Applen tuotteiden kanssa tai myytäisiin niiden kanssa. Muilla kuin Apple-merkkisillä tuotteilla on mahdollisesti tuotteen valmistajan myöntämä valmistajan takuu – katso lisätietoja tuotteen pakkauksesta ja dokumentaatiosta. Valmistajan takuun edut täydentävät kuluttajalainsäädännön takaamia oikeuksia. Katso lisätietoja osoittamalla tähän tähän.


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