UCube Compact USB Digital Loudspeakers

UCube Compact USB Digital Loudspeakers

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Product Information

  • Overview

    UCube speakers take up little space while delivering an exceptional sound field to fill the whole room. The flat front driver, the balanced mode radiator gives 170-degree dispersion allowing everybody in the room to enjoy a true stereo effect.

    These sleek, portable computer speakers are truly digital, resulting in pristine musical reproduction. A single USB cable supplies the audio signal and the required power, making UCube speakers ideal for taking anywhere and setting up easily.

  • Highlights

    • Unique Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) driver
    • 170-degree dispersion
    • All digital signal path
    • Digital amplification
    • Integrated aluminium stands
  • Did you notice?

    The flat Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) driver generates an astoundingly wide sound field that creates a sonic illusion of being immersed in the music.
  • Apple Recommends For

    Taking a small and stylish set of speakers with your MacBook and enjoying your favourite music wherever you go.
  • What's in the Box?

    • UCube Compact USB Digital Loudspeakers
    • Aluminium speaker stands with mounting knobs
    • Detachable high-performance USB 2.0 Type “A” to Mini “B” cable
    • Detachable high-performance RCA to RCA sync cable
    • Adhesive pads for speakers
    • User manual
  • Tech Specs

    • Connections: USB, RCA Plug
    • Speaker Configurations: Stereo
    • Drivers: Full-Range Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR)
    • Power: USB
    • Height: 88.9 mm/3.5 in. (152.4 mm/6.0 in. with stand)
    • Width: 88.9 mm/3.5 in.
    • Weight: 910 g
    • Length: 88.9 mm/3.5 in.
  • Manufacturer Information

    Part Number

    • UPC or EAN No.: 625889220587


    • Note: Applen yhden vuoden rajoitettu takuu ei koske tuotteita, jotka eivät ole Apple-merkkisiä, vaikka ne olisivat samassa pakkauksessa Applen tuotteiden kanssa tai myytäisiin niiden kanssa. Muilla kuin Apple-merkkisillä tuotteilla on mahdollisesti tuotteen valmistajan myöntämä valmistajan takuu – katso lisätietoja tuotteen pakkauksesta ja dokumentaatiosta. Valmistajan takuun edut täydentävät kuluttajalainsäädännön takaamia oikeuksia. Katso lisätietoja osoittamalla tähän tähän.

Ratings & Reviews

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  • Clear, accurate, limited bass and volume as you'd expect

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    First, looks. These speakers are a perfect match for a Mac with the anodised aluminium stands, they really do look like they've be First, looks. These speakers are a perfect match for a Mac with the anodised aluminium stands, they really do look like they've been made by Apple. They look as good in real-life as they do in the photos.

    The audio signal is digital-out via USB lead. Just plug it into a USB socket on your Mac and it's instantly recognised, sound switching to the speakers. If this doesn't happen, hold down the Option (alt) key while clicking the volume and select the speakers from the sound output devices. One small thing here: the mini-USB end of the cable has to be pushed a long way into the socket on the speakers, so if they don't work at first make sure this is fully in.

    The sound quality is very impressive for USB-powered speakers. The sound is crisp, clear and accurate. Obviously with speakers this size and no subwoofer, both the depth of the bass and the overall volume are limited. Certainly the 'room-filling sound' of the blurb is hyperbole, but the volume is sufficient for desk speakers and the bass is acceptable for the type of music I listen to (mostly singer-songwriter stuff). If you're into heavy metal, however, these aren't the speakers you're looking for.

    One disappointment is the length of the cables. The RCA cable in particular only allows sufficient length for the speakers to be separated by about 68cm once you angle the speakers a bit towards you. This is obviously much less than the width of the average desk, so if you want to position them at the corners of your desk, expect to have to be able to replace the RCA cable. This is the sort of cost-saving you expect from a £30 pair of cheap speakers rather than a £130 pair.

    Worth the money? Considering both sound quality and looks, I'd say yes.

    • Written by from Wickford

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    Was this useful? Clear, accurate, limited bass and volume as you'd expect
  • quite

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    not loud enough

    • Written by from Biggleswade

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    Was this useful? quite