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  1. Use this ultra-compact and convenient USB-based adapter to charge your Apple Watch, iPhone or iPod at home, on the road or whenever it’s not connected to a computer.
    19,00 €
    • In Stock
  2. BlueFlame's wall charger offers four fast-charging USB ports, to keep your iPhone, iPad and iPod at full power at the same time.
    44,95 €

    3.5 out of 5 stars

    Based on 3 reviews

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    • In Stock
  3. A portable USB charger with the latest lithium-ion battery technology built in, Techlink's Recharge 2600 helps you keep your iPhone, iPod, digital cameras and other USB devices powered and ready for use. Simply connect your iPhone or iPod to the Recharge 2600 and it starts charging automatically. And when you're done, just slip the conveniently compact charger into your pocket.
    24,95 €
    • In Stock
  4. Exclusive
    Belkin's Audio Splitter lets you connect two stereo headphones or speakers to the mini-stereo jack on your iPad, iPhone, iPod or other audio device.
    19,95 €

    1.0 out of 5 stars

    Based on 2 reviews

    • In Stock
  5. The Incase Mini Sync/Charge Cable Kit makes it easy to keep your iPad, iPhone, or iPod connected, charged, and synced when you travel. The space-saving four-inch cables eliminate tangles and take up virtually no space in your travel bag, computer case or desk drawer. To cover every charging possibility for your iPad, iPhone and iPod, the case includes a Lightning to USB cable and an Apple dock connector cable, as well as a Micro USB connector for other devices such as cameras.
    29,95 €
    • In Stock
  6. Charge your iPhone, iPod or iPad in your car with XtremeMac's InCharge Auto 2.1A. The compact, one-piece design offers 2.1 amps for fast and efficient charging on the road. InCharge Auto has an LED power status indicator and a self-resetting fuse for superior protection.
    19,95 €
    • In Stock
  7. BlueFlame's wall charger offers two fast-charging USB ports, each delivering 2.4 Amps to keep your iPhone, iPad and iPod at full power.
    29,95 €

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Based on 1 review

    • In Stock
  8. This USB cable with integrated dock is the ideal spare or replacement docking station for your second-generation iPod shuffle (aluminium). Use it to charge and sync with a computer or power adaptor.
    29,00 €

    2.0 out of 5 stars

    Based on 62 reviews

    • Currently Unavailable
  9. The Techlink Recharge 6000 Power + Universal Wall Charger lets you charge up to two USB-powered devices, such as your iPad, iPhone or iPod, at the same time, wherever you may be. Featuring US, UK and EU plug adapters, the unit can be used just about anywhere in the world.
    69,95 €

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Based on 4 reviews

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