• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great pair of heaphones

    • Written by from Radlett

    These headphones are great quality not just in their material and design, but their sound as well. Look great, sound great and work great. There is one minor problem about their sound leakage but this is only minor. I would recommend these to anyone!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Quality Product

    • Written by from DUBLIN 3

    These are great headphones. I have them since the start of the year and they have served me well since purchase. There is a little sound leakage, however from my side of the comfortable and snug fitting ear pieces, the sound is wonderfully clear and rich. Well done Atomic Floyd.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Up there with the best!

    • Written by from BARNSTAPLE

    I did a reasonable amount of research before I bought these, and of all the 'higher end' I.E.M.s + earphones I read about, there were always one or two things I couldn't get over; mainly, loads were 'over the ear' type, which I didn't want, and quite a few great earphones gave a 'neutral' sound, which usually means not much bass! Well sometimes there is supposed to be bass! But all the professional reviews (there are quite a few!) of Superdarts seem to be glowing! Saying they handled all types of music really well! Actually I couldn't find a bad word against them, other than, can you justify £200? Well I could, so I bought some, and they are GREAT! High end sounds are crisp and detailed without being harsh. Mid range reveals things you never noticed before. Bass is exactly where it is supposed to be, not boomy over + everything, but deep dry clean controlled bass you can feel as well as hear. I've never heard bass drum like this! Clearly every dry thump. Sometimes the music is surprising, almost startling definitely in a good way, it has reaching for your iPhone /iPod to see what the track is! Stereo separation is better than anything I've had before, and soundstage (although not up to Senn HD250 levels) is very good! I can honestly say now I can hear a difference in the recorded bitrate, up till now I have everything in 128kbs because I couldn't really hear a difference. Now I can. But don't worry all music is improved, 128kbs really is OK. I'll re-do my tunes in 256kbs sometime. (Big task) Noise isolation is excellent, comfort is very good, (small buds where I normally use medium!?) To sum up: Smooth, crisp, deep, natural, thrilling, immersive + enjoyable. So enjoy!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from frederick

    I spent over two hours listening to a variety of earbuds in search of a pair that would deliver the sound quality of over-ear headphones but with the convenience of earbuds. The Atomic Floyd HiDef Drum + Remote was far and away the best to my ears. The sound is remarkably clear and full, from the highs which are crisp but not fatiguing, the mids which are warm but not overpowering, and the bass (dear God!) which is powerful, crisp, smooth and accurate. These earbuds breathe new life into music, and have listening to music with earphones enjoyable again. The only gripe is regarding the microphone, which has good overall quality but is not as good as the stock Apple earbud mic with regard to background noise cancellation. If your budget allows you the luxury of spending this much on earbuds, I recommend the Atomic Floyd HiDef Drum without reservation!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good Pair of Headphones

    • Written by from Burton On Trent

    I've had 3 pairs of these particular headphones over the last 18 months, and I can say that without a doubt they are good quality headphones as far as material build quality goes, however, I would very strongly advise against exercising with these or any other Atomic Floyd, as you will quickly find that the connection at either earpiece will become loose in not too much time, resulting in the audio cutting in or out, or failing all together.

    I think that the bass is rather excellent, and the highs are nice, but the mids can seem a little lost, I've tried it with classical music, dance, rock, indie and alternative and it is acceptable with all of those genres but seems to prefer dance, and rock, and does very well with indie music, in my opinion. Like the band M83.

    They're a good out and about pair, as a considerable upgrade from the apple in-ears but as one guy has already mentioned on here about the noise through the cable, its very prevalent when there is no outside noise, for example, listening to movies or music in the house, if your looking for in home entertainment headphones, definitely go for open or closed back over ears.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from london

    I have a preference to in-ear headphones due to not liking the bulkiness of over the ear headphones. However, finding a decent pair without breaking the bank is a tall task.

    As far as sound quality is concerned, I find it difficult to find in-ears that compete with the depth and balance that over the ears can offer. And then I found these.

    The Treble isn't piercingly sharp but crisp and clean.

    The Mid-range isn't as prevalent as the Treble and Bass. However, the minor withdrawal only serves to add depth to the music. And that most certainly is a good thing.

    The Bass is smooth, crispy, deep, pure and holds its integrity even at loud volumes without cracking or making the treble or mid-range shake or distort. This has been something that I have found difficult to find in most in-ear headphones.

    Overall, the clarity and balance of the sound quality is what I have been looking for for so long! I'm not picky, I just appreciate rich sound quality.

    HOWEVER, as previously mentioned by other reviews, there are no fitting instructions provided. And the fit is very important for getting the best experience out of these headphones.

    SECONDLY, to really appreciate the sound from these headphones, you have to turn them up a bit. Unfortunately, there is A LOT of sound leakage from these headphones. When I first started using these, I got a lot of unapproving stares on public transport and I didn't know why. The sound is so good that you do not realise that they are so loud. It was only when someone tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to turn my music down that I realised that there was so much sound leakage from these badboys, which is such a shame considering as I mentioned earlier, these are what I have been looking for for so long.

    These headphones seemed too good to be true, and they are. I spend a lot of time commuting on public transport so unfortunately, I cannot enjoy them fully all the time due to having to turning the volume down. But as soon as I'm off the train, I let these babies rip and I am subjected to an instant eargasm.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Amazing build and great sound.

    • Written by from Blyth

    Like so many other people I wanted a set of in ear phones that were of the highest quality both in build and sound reproduction so I persuaded my wife to buy me these for Christmas. What I was after was a set that could deliver the same type of sound that my Beats Mixrs could produce. My ears are highly sensitive and I listen for every nuance in a track. I had previously been using a set of Sony MDREX500's which are excellent and this is what I initially compared the Atomic Floyds to and I will admit that I was initially disappointed and considered returning them. There didn't seem to be any balance to the sound with base taking over all other frequencies on some tracks and treble on others. This was on my iPod. I few days later I tried them again listening to a variety of music types, this time on my ipad. What a difference, they were amazing. Dunno if the amps are different but they were great through the default player and the Louder Logic app I have which made them even better. With this I loaded Louder Logic onto my iPod and retried them. Wow what a difference. Give these a little time to burn in and try the Louder Logic player if listening on your ipad or pod. So glad I stuck with them.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Good news, bad news, bit of both.

    • Written by from London

    Great materials, great comfort (if you know how to wear them, they have a fitting procedure that is not written ANYWHERE), great looks.

    Sound is good, not the best tho, there are higher fidelity earphones out there, bass is good trebble is crisp but the bandwith is rather limited and it is not very well tuned, I rather have neutrally balanced earphones but this ones are more on the bassy side.

    The cord is very well wrapped, so well you can probably hang from a free fall by grabbing onto it, thing is, they are supposed to be sound proofed to deliver and they are not, when you rub the surface of the cord against anything, it generates static and it goes straight into the audio, almost like a vibrating buzz, that alone defeats the whole porpose of its existance or its claim to deliver great sound as it is all invaded by noise transfer by the cord.

    I'd say, unless the designers go back to the materials on this line (the darts have the same problem) I would grab other pair of earphones.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Bexleyheath

    Decided to buy a decent pair of earphones as I was constantly paying out about £20 every 3 months for a new pair. I had the same earphones as these but without the remote. Definatly the best earphones Ive ever had, lasted for over a year and a half, before the wire on the left earphone started to play up. Got a good weight to them and feel quality made. Going back to a £20 pair of earphones you can definatly tell the difference, as the sound was so sharp in my atomic floyds. They say the wire is "anti-tangle" but they're not, they still get mixed up if you dont use the case. Would definatly reccomend these to anyone whos willing to spend money for a quality pair of earphones.

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