Alsoft DiskWarrior 4

Alsoft DiskWarrior 4

Product Information

  • Overview

    Perhaps you've tried to open a document and all that happens is a color wheel that spins and spins and spins… Or when your Mac starts up, all you get is a blinking question mark… Or you were in the middle of editing a movie and now your external hard disk isn't on the desktop… Or your MP3s won't play... Or every time you look through your photos, your Mac crashes. DiskWarrior gets you back up and running fast!

    DiskWarrior is not a disk repair program in the conventional sense. Instead of patching the original directory, it uses a patent-pending technology to quickly build a new replacement directory using data recovered from the original directory, thereby recovering files, folders and documents that you thought were lost and that no other program could recover.

  • Highlights

    • Universal Binary
    • Significantly faster than previous versions
    • Repairs invalid file permissions
    • Includes an additional suite of file and folder tests, to find problems before they cause you trouble
    • Identifies corrupted Preference (.plist) files
    • Recovers more data from drives with hardware malfunctions
    • Detects and repairs more disk problems than ever
    • Repairs and rebuilds FileVaults
    • Fully supports case-sensitive file names
    • Repairs and rebuilds Attribute B-trees
    • Repairs Access Control Lists (ACLs)
    • Plus a lot more!
  • What's in the Box?

    • DiskWarrior 4 application (for Mac OS X)
    • DiskWarrior Manual in PDF format
    • Sample DiskWarrior AppleScripts
    • DiskWarrior Read Me
    • Quick Start Manual
  • System Requirements


    • Mac OS X v.10.3.9 or later
    • Mac PowerPC G3, Intel processor or faster
    • 256 MB RAM
    • CD-ROM Drive
  • Manufacturer Information

    Part Number

    • UPC or EAN No.: 20863060409


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