• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    It's a good product, decent implementation.

    • Written by from Bayside

    The magnetic release has saved my laptop several times, with pets and kids. It isn't perfect, and it isn't cheap, but it's only a bit expensive and you get that peace of mind. Are we all so spoiled that we can't remember how it was like in the old days of dropped computers and broken ports. I've replaced a MagSafe (old style) and the Apple store in Manhasset didn't even charge me. I've also replaced laptop motherboards from two other manufacturers after the charging ports broke from yanking. Guess which I'd rather do again?

    They aren't perfect, again, but given that you need to plug your computer in once in a while, it is likely the best we can do with today's technology.

    Currently I'm using a year-old MagSafe 2 that has not frayed like my last Macs', and I use it every day and am rough with it (one of the wings has snapped off!) and it still holds up. If you take care of it and not try to use it under the covers of your bed or in a moving vehicle (as one reviewer complained!) you're going to be fine with it. If it fails, you can return it anyway or go to an Apple store to plead your case. Unless it is smashed they'll just replace it for you.

    Really, all this dislike. What are you guys doing with these things?

    Oh, and make sure you have an official Apple charger before complaining here. There are $50 counterfeits all over eBay and the Amazon marketplace. Google it, some have disassembled the frauds and exposed the inferior and dangerous components within. An official Apple made charger shouldn't break in six months unless you dropped it or got it wet.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Cheaply Made.

    • Written by from Rochester

    It charges the computer but you have to make sure you don't do anything with the computer or it will fall out. Seriously any little movement will knock this thing right out of the charge port. It's frustrating. Not only that but the cord is so cheaply made! Mine frayed and broke within a couple of weeks and it was neatly plugged into the wall the entire time. Using this tiny cable and expecting it to hold up is ridiculous. Though it is frayed, has metal sticking out, and is a HUGE fire hazard, it still works (sometimes). Paying eighty bucks to replace it is an obnoxious price to pay for something so cheaply made.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Worst product to be carry Apple logo

    • Written by from Los Angeles

    T style magsafe is worthless. A touch in any direction and it gets detached. The first one's adapter-to-computer cable snapped within 6 months. The second one is already showing signs of wear n' tear. Awful. And what is significantly more frustrating is another gimmick pulled by apple that my older adapters magsafe don't fit the new computers!

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Truly a step back.

    • Written by from North Hollywood

    I can't believe how easy this thing is to knock out of its socket. I miss the old charger. Everything about this one is a downgrade.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Absolutely abysmal

    • Written by from Rijeka

    Having used the adapter for little over 2 weeks, never traveling with it, and using it only to move from kitchen to bedroom, the head's cable already broke. This is ridiculous. I have never seen such flimsy design with anything anywhere.

    At first, the contact started loosing up, with the bulb not turning on from time to time at certain angles. Then, it stopped glowing altogether. After attempting to find the angle under which it would work, it let out a POP sound, the bulb shone briefly with a white (!) light and stopped working altogether. This is not only shoddy, it's dangerous.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Absolute Garbage Wasn't this design recalled years ago???

    • Written by from Rockaway Beach, NY

    I am so disappointed in Apple for replacing the L shaped power adapter with a silver version of the one that had been previously recalled. This adapter falls out constantly. The whole point of buying a lap top is being able to use your computer on your LAP. If you attempt to do this with this cord it constantly falls out. Anyone who purchased this should be given a refund!

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    • Written by from montreal

    Really poor quality, so apple unlike. 99$ price tag for an item that so easily 'wears-n-tears' is ridiculous

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    Cord Damaged...Just Like iPhone Charger...

    • Written by from Houston

    I take such great care when it comes to handling my MacBook Pro charger--always wrap the cord up safely, don't ever leave it lying around the house, etc.--and I was pretty shocked that it broke so quickly. The charger still looks completely fine, so I clearly wasn't just throwing it around! I guess the wire just can't take much bending, which is confusing because that is largely the whole point of a cord...

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    Really hope apple upgrades this...

    • Written by from Altamonte Springs

    The quality of it is pretty terrible. The little doors that come out to wrap your cable around broke about 4 months after I got it (due to my son flipping them open and shut). The cord got a yellow discoloration about 3 months after I got my computer, and finally frayed open about 5 months in.

    I knew this connector would have issues so I have been taking care to ensure it remains as straight as possible, so not being careless isn't even enough to keep it from fraying.

    I will be seeing if the Apple Store will replace it, but I definitely won't pay for a replacement until Apple either brings back the L style (which I had 0 problems with) or upgrades the quality of these in some other way.

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    Very low power I suppose

    • Written by from Graz

    I recently realized, that everytime I use my Mac for "gaming" the battery discharges. I thought my adapter wasn't connected properly, but it wasn't the case. The scenario: Battery fully charged. Remaining time about 8hours. I plug the charger back and play Dota 2 for 6 hours. Exit dota and see the battery has only 80% of charge. The adapter is very hot. I think, the top of the line macs should have at least 100W Power Adapter. The Graphics, the CPU it consumes way more power than the Adapter is capable of "producing"

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    Works...but dies easily

    • Written by from Bradenton

    I love my 15" MB Pro Retina Display and I can safely say I will be buying another one soon. My issue with these chargers is not the magnet as other posters say, its the working life. I have gone through 3 chargers in the last 3 years for the one computer. I final had to buy a second charger so that I can be prepared for the next time

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    Bad cord design, weak magnet, low durability

    • Written by from West Vancouver

    I've had the L-shaped MagSafe for my 2009 MacBook Pro and strangely, it's never frayed and I've had it under constant usage for 3 whole years. In November of 2013, I made the decision of buying the new retina MacBook Pro Retina and the computer was perfect for what I was using it for, but the MagSafe 2 let me down. My first MagSafe failed in about April of 2014 when the cord near the adapter had frayed and I had no choice but to buy a new one; also, the connection between the MagSafe 2 and my Mac felt a lot weaker than my old L-shaped MagSafe. As of right now (March of 2015), my second MagSafe 2 has just frayed and I've resorted to electrical tape rather than 80 dollars. Please fix this apple.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    A frustrating poorly designed money trap.

    • Written by from Phoenix

    I am a huge apple fan. However, this charger is a complete outrage. Not only is it extremely over-priced, but it breaks within the year. I have no issue spending money on a great product. This is why I decided to buy a macbook retina. Unfortunately I have bought two of these chargers in the last two and a half years. They break consistently in the same two places over and over again. Apple has made no changes on the charger. I am paying my way through college and $80 is a lot of money to me. To be honest, I am disappointed to the point to tears. I need a charger to use my computer (As a graphic Design major using library computers is not an option) and I don't have enough money to buy one right now. So, I'm screwed. Thanks apple. You guys make great phones and computers but your charger is killing me. I'm upset, disgruntled, disappointed, and I'm not going to lie a little angry. Unless you're willing to spend 80 dollars once a year for a brand new charger I suggest... oh wait. Nothing. If you want a macbook retina you have to spend money you don't have on a charger that's going to break in 12 months. One star is being generous.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Wilmington

    No trouble, its great.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    HORRIBLE product: weak, delicate, flimsy, frail, fragile, etc.

    • Written by from Valley Village

    Just bought my third cord in 3 years. I now treat these things with kid gloves, but the cords *still* get frayed and stop working. [Edit: So I *did* rate it, Apple: I gave it ZERO stars. But apparently I have to be more generous and give it one to convey my displeasure.]

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Terrible Design

    • Written by from Lebanon

    Very annoying. Becomes unattached way too easily.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Poor Design

    • Written by from PickerIng

    I've had to buy 2 of these replacement plugs since buying my MacBook in 2012. The wire keeps breaking rendering the plug useless. So strange that Apple can make such precise products but can't get a plug right. They should replace these things for free.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    1 melted, 1 caught on fire, 1 gave me sparks...

    • Written by from Quebec

    I'm now getting my fourth one. Everything's in the title -_-x

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from CARMEL

    way too expensive and not durable AT ALL!

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    • Written by from Kenner

    Always disconnects from computer. A slight budge will cease the charging of the computer. Also the charger is very poor quality, the same fraying that happens with the iphone chargers happens with these chargers. I feel as if they don't fix this problem intentionally so you have to buy chargers routinely.

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