• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    10.6.4 REQUIRED

    • Written by from Honolulu

    Make sure that you have Mac OS X 10.6.4 as the Magic Trackpad requires Snow Leopard in order to work.

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    Does not work for living room setup.

    • Written by from Toronto

    I currently have a 2006 MacBook Pro attached to my 42" LCD TV with BT keyboard and magic mouse. The mouse works, but I use the arm rest on my sofa which is less than ideal. I was excited to see the magic trackpad because I thought it would finally solve my tracking woes.

    Sadly, my magic trackpad remains in its package. I dunno what genius though it was a good idea to house the clicking mechanism within the 2 tiny contact point on the base of the unit. Because the arm rest is soft, pressing down on the trackpad does not register the click; it just obsorbs the pressure.

    It's effectively useless, unless placed on a coffee table or another hard surface. Great idea, but just not for the living room. In the meantime, looking for a plate to rest the magic trackpad on.

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    Disapointed. Now must pay to upgrade to 10.6.4

    • Written by from Los Altos

    Disappointed I'm now forced to pay for an OS upgrade to 10.6.4 Too bad this hassle and expense was not made clear when I made the quick purchase. Seems Apple could have released an upgrade to 10.5 to support the customer base.

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    I hate this thing!

    • Written by from Collinsville

    I am having a terrible time with this. I can't seem to get it to do anything. without warning everything on my screen turns purple, I have to press really hard sometimes and other times it seems like I just wave my hand over it and stuff I'm reading gets deleted never to be found again! I think this thing really stinks!

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    Truly horrible

    • Written by from Mountain View

    As I type this, my cursor is flying wildly across the screen, the result of some incomprehensible fault of either the trackpad, the iMac's bluetooth software, or a poor combination of both.

    The trackpad has a mind of its own and in spite of removing every visible possible source of interference (you can operate it sitting naked in the garden), will cause your cursor to be unresponsive or fling and click wildly, potentially clicking on any open programs you may have (such as clicking on send before you've finished an email). Apple have not resolved this issue despite the many postings on discussion groups. Avoid.

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    Should be a no star to click

    • Written by from Dartmouth

    My trackpad is a bad joke. The "trackpad" I'm supposed to click on doesn't exist and I'm thirty minutes into trying to find the software or drivers or whatever it is to make the computer see the trackpad. Worst "support" I've ever encountered.

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    Cutest doorstop I ever owned!

    • Written by from Hallandale Beach

    It literally blew me away, that's how hard this thing blows.
    Oh, and this item is not eligible for returns either. Thanks Apple, I'll never forget to read the small print again!

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    watch out

    • Written by from New York

    The Magic Trackpad and the update to my Mac Mini turned my computer into a useless brick -- after two days of trying to repair the thing on my own, I have to continue to run my business off of my laptop and bring this thing in to be wiped and reformatted at the Apple store (no, it won't let me do that, says the "disk cannot be changed" won't let me reinstall the operating system either) lines and lines of crash log info I can't decipher, the computer was dependable until I tried to upgrade to the trackpad and 10.6.4

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    Major Mechanical Issues

    • Written by from Fremont

    This is my second magic trackpad that failed.The bottom buttons of the pad no longer click down. This has got to be a major mechanical hardware issue that Apple failed to properly QA.

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    Magic trackpad the has major issues

    • Written by from Yellowknife

    The magic trackpad has major issues. It worked for 2 days then because unusable. It randomly moves around on it's own randomly clicking on nothing as if drunk. There are no other bluetooth devices in a 100 foot radius. Apple needs to recognize this and fix these issues.

    I tried to paste a URL to one of many major forums regarding this issue but was not allowed to do so.

    Simply search Google for "magic trackpad +drunk issues"

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    Magic Trackpad=Fail

    • Written by from EL CAJON

    What a waste. I so wanted to like this device and replace my Magic Mouse with it. I was let down. In spite of my tinkering with its settings, I found the pad to be either too sensitive or not responsive enough. Right click (secondary click) was a total joke; and copying text? Forget about it. Definitely not worth that $70 price tag; I returned mine earlier today. Seriuosly, this thing needs some MAJOR REFINEMENTS before it will be a viable replacement for a mouse.

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    No multi-touch

    • Written by from Los Altos Hills

    Installed on my MacBook Pro (3,1) to use in a desktop configuration (ext monitor, lid closed) but NO multi-touch gestures work. So, the Trackpad is a big, clumsy mouse.

    Yes, I've got OS 10.6.4. And multi-touch is supported on this MBP with a Magic Mouse.

    Also, the System Pref menus do NOT match the instructions in the manual. P.6 item 3, "Rename" is actually "Update Name", which does not work. P. 4 item 2 "Set up Bluetooth Trackpad in lower corner" does not exist. Went to Bluetooth pull down instead, which works.

    My MBP recognized the device immediately, set up right away, works as a regular mouse, but does not add multi-touch capability.

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    a bad apple

    • Written by from AUCKLAND

    Not the greatest experience from Apple ... again. Fourth time this year making a purchase, and fourth time in a row product has arrived damaged without protective packaging ... this time stood on / wrecked by TNT.

    Trackpad was bend, but still worked, found it difficult to use, and overall a mouse is still essential for a productive workflow from a desktop or laptop.

    Not a fond experience using it for the limited few days before returning it.

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    not with illustrator

    • Written by from Austin

    Good luck trying to click a point of a line, hold it and draw. For sure not a potential substitute for a mouse if you are doing graphic work on your computer. After reading the description I was under the impression that it would have a tactile click like a macbooks trackpad. Instead its more like an iphone screen where you can click by tapping, but no tactile click of a button. Makes it very difficult if you want to hold a click and drag with the mouse button "clicked".

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Absolutely useless product

    • Written by from kennett Square

    Don't buy this product. It is useless the scrolling does not work the transition from finger movement to the screen is jerky. It is not touch sensitive like the Macbook Pro touch pad in that you have to push down on it rather than simply touch it set the mouse pointer. I threw it in the garbage and pulled out my old Razer mouse.

    Apple has been shipping some far less than perfect products recently and that is a shame.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    I hate this thing

    • Written by from Beverly Hills

    I know alot of people like this new track pad, so i went to try it out myself....and couldnt stand it. I find it very limiting in terms of mobility and especially with programs such as motion or any other editing software. It got me very frustrated very fast. Next thing i knew i was looking all around the store for a normal mouse and had a hard time finding one. I really hope this thing doesnt take over. Just my personal opinion,

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    Magic Trackpad hurts my wrist and forearm

    • Written by from Montreal

    To use it, you have to float your hand/ fingers above the Magic Trackpad and unfortunately, when used for long periods of time this position stresses the wrist and forearm. Perhaps the solution would be a completely flat Magic Trackpad...

    Physically clicking on the Magic Trackpad requires too much pressure, much more pressure then using a mouse click....

    Click & lock is difficult to use... using the three fingers click & lock gesture is much better, however, to do so you have to give up the navigation feature ( up / down, backwards / forwards..)... it would be useful to have a modifier keystroke to be able to switch between the two functions.

    I appreciate that Apple tried something "new"... however, I will go back to using a mouse and a Wacom tablet with stylus.

    Has anybody tried a Pogo Sketch Stylus with the Magic Trackpad ?

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    WOW, It looks great but just doesn't work like you think...

    • Written by from Palm Bay

    I purchased it to work with the keyboard that I got for my Ipad 3G. No, it is not recognized by the Ipad but I am told by Apple that the update is due out some time in August. I then thought in the interim I would attempt to use it on my Mac Book Pro with the Key board so that I would view it on my big screen and sit back and play on the computer. I spent the money and should put it to use, right? No go. It does not work on the Mac Book Pro either. Apparently the drivers to allow the track pad to work properly must be written and downloaded for each platform and are on the way. The device comes first and then they will ensure that it works for the consumer. Currently it will work as a simple "move you single finger around on it and push down for a single click " mouse pad. No right clicks or finger swipes of any kind. At least the Mac Book can see it though. That is better then the Ipad and Iphone. And YES, it has the very latest software and updates. I think that since the Iphone craze Apple has a few too many sales and now knows what it is like to be in Microsoft's shoes.

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    Wish I could give it one star

    • Written by from Chicago

    I just got the trackpad after buying it the first day. It looks nice and it is a great idea, but man is this thing terrible. Mine is uneven -- and no my surface is not uneven -- the actual product is uneven. I am very disappointed. I keep seeing this pattern with all Apple products now that they have grown. Quality has suffered immensely with their growth. BOO Apple

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from sacramento

    i got the magic track pad a few days ago in edition of have the wireless keyboard and mouse, i have a mbp and there is no pint on getting if you have a laptop. in my opinion the magic mouse is way better.... especially if you play games on your mac like world of warcraft of anything else.

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