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    Purchased one for testing and to help me decide whether or not to have more ordered for my students to use in my Final Cut Pro editing lab.

    So far, so good. Honestly, I'm very impressed with the ease of use and performance of this Pegasus2.

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    so far so good

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    Bought one of these for home use: photos, movies, etc. As the doc says, it does need some time to get itself ready for use. The management program is on the storage itself and works fine. Called support once (to see if unit can be laid on it's side - the answer is yes, it can) and they responded quickly.

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    Fast & Quiet

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    Configured to RAID 50 on Mac Pro Late 2013.

    -Mac Pro internal SSD speed of 975mb write/ 942mb read.

    -Promise Pegasus2 RAID 50 730mb write / 659mb read.

    Using Blackmagic Disk Speed Test utility.

    No problems to speak of when using it with Final Cut Pro X with 2k video.

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