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    Go Hero3

    • Written by from Powhatan

    My initial observations not necessarily negative comments.
    No internal memory. This was the first time I've ever bought a recording device I couldn't use out the box.
    I had difficulty with the wifi sync to remote.
    I went to sleep and tried again in the morning.
    Wow, once I followed the instructions the sync was complete in less than a minute. Then I went to GoPro app. Same thing. Complete in less than a minute.
    It is unbelievable. This camera is great and I haven't left the house. It controls great from remote or my iPhone.
    GoPro is the perfect name for it because it will Go with me every where I go.
    I can now throw away my pen cam, glasses cam, digital cam and maybe even my iPhone cam. :-) I love the 30 photos in a second.
    Now I need to put some adventure in my life so I can produce some spectacular videos. Great job GoPro. I would recommend everyone to purchase one if you love making videos or taking great photos. Should be 10 stars.

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    Love this Camera. Simply amazing.

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    I have used this camera for almost two years in a variety of settings. I've taken it underwater, through snow covered mountains and even through the air attached to my DJI Phantom Quadcopter.
    Can't say enough great things about it. It's incredibly lightweight, durable as heck and the images are stunning. You can shoot all the way up to Cinematic 4k. The photos are brilliant. GoPro has a whole bunch of mounting options which makes this camera incredibly versatile. The APP that comes with the GoPro is awesome and allows you to switch between all kinds of options quickly and conveniently.

    The only cons I could see people complaining about are: Battery life is not stellar (remember to bring extra batteries). There is no LCD screen for "seeing" your shot while shooting. (You can buy a LCD screen that's kind of expensive, but most people I know use the APP to get an idea of their shot and then just "feel it out").

    Overall this product is totally worth it for the durability, picture/video quality and versatile usability.

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    Best Sports Camera Ever Had

    • Written by from Surrey

    All I can say simply the best.

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    GoPro review

    • Written by from Knokke

    The GoPro Hero 3+ Camera is one of a kind. Shooting at HD quality and at a max of 100 frames per/second its impossible to miss out any action. I have now been using the hero 3+ since it came out and I am always impressed my its quality and versatility. I mainly use it to capture high performance sailing but its perfect for any occasion. The camera does not feature a screen which may pose a problem but I think its for the best, it lets you forget about the camera and live the moment!

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    Great Sports Camera

    • Written by from Bowie

    I have purchased 2 of these cameras & each works very well. One is used as a dash cam & the other for regular videos such as the beach, parties and other fun things. I am looking forward to future improvements but these are very satisfactory at present.

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    Nice thanks

    • Written by from Gaze

    Is so nice I love it

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