• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Unreliable and soooooo disappointing

    • Written by from Salt Lake City

    I bought this product hoping to have a high quality audio system for my office. I was sold on the AirPlay feature right away. I have a house full of "i" devices and I loved the idea of combining the fidelity of AirPlay and the convenience of less cords to clutter things up. However, 99% of the time none of my devices can find it as an available AirPlay source. When I open up the Bose app for iOS or MacOS, usually only the iOS devices can find it. And that app completely eliminates the usefulness of the AirPlay features because it has to connect to my Mac for a music library, which it always forgets, and says that I have to set it up again. So I do, and it works for about 5 minutes and then forgets my iTunes library location on my Mac or some nonsense and insists on going through the entire set up process again! Every single time that it has decided to work with AirPlay, half way through the song it suddenly quits playing and disconnects. Then I try to get it working again and you'll never guess what it wants? To go through the setup process again! As for those few gleaming moments it has decided to work? Crazy ridiculous feedback! I play the same song on any other device in my house... no feedback.

    Pros: Looks high quality, Bose name, AirPlay (in theory)

    Cons: Airplay never works, static is terrible, speaker sometimes turns up or down the volume by itself, usually only works through Bose's app (at that point why not get a SONOS if you're stuck using the OEM's app.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Good idea but still need to improve a lot!!!

    • Written by from Málaga

    After installing my Bose, everything went fine... airplay working properly with all devices, preset fine, Bose app ok. But:

    1) when you load a library on Bose library or,
    2) when there is a change or you have to reset your network... then, a nightmare starts, no airplay, only presets!!!

    Restarted, then, reset to factory settings 100x, and no AIRPLAY, which was the aim of buying this device!!!

    And still trying to setup AGAIN!!!

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