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    Love the rich colors!

    • Written by from Yreka

    This is the fifth Hue bulb I have purchased, and I have placed it behind my tv which is in a corner. I love it and quickly figured out how to add it to the scenes. It provides very rich colored accent lighting which is very nice. I made a "wall" page in the Philips Hue app to allow the color to be adjusted independently of the main Hue bulbs, as well as adding it to all of the scenes.

    As others have mentioned, it is not intended to provide reading or task lighting, as it does not produce the whites of the original Hue bulbs, but it can produce a very beautiful blue, and works well in conjunction with other Hue bulbs to set a mood.

    The only real downside I see for now is the price. I'll be putting at least one in each main room after the price comes down.

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    Best purchase I have ever made

    • Written by from Honolulu

    Yes they are costly, but oh so cool. In my opinion, they are like a never ending color changing coat of paint to enhance everything about your at home lighting experience.
    I love mine, I have invested in 11 bulbs and the Hue Bloom Lamp, and my house looks amazing. They are easily portable and I have placed them in many homes, whether I'm spending the night or simply throwing an event. I live Hue and all the amazing apps involved.
    Thanks for brightening my day everyday! They even prepare me for the weather as well as turn on when I get home- those are just a few of the simple features Hie has that has changed my life forever. Never going back to bulbs, plus what I spent I have already made up in electric bills,

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    Friends of Hue Bloom Lamp is Beautiful

    • Written by from WHITEHALL

    I have six hue bulbs including the three with the starter kit and have just added a Bloom lamp today. Here's my impression: it's breathtaking and adds rich color where the hue bulbs cannot. So what if the lamp isn't compatible with the basic light recipes? The basic hue bulbs can do both. Bloom adds deeper color and a magical layer to nighttime scenes creating a dreamscape beyond the hue bulb story. I positioned the Bloom behind my 55"TV facing the wall and the hue scenes now not only create magic from my lighting but the wall behind my TV has become an expansive part of each scene. I love Bloom!

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