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    No black ink

    • Written by from University Place

    replaced black ink cartridge with 200XL and a few months later I'm not getting ANY black ink printing, can't print or copy anything at all, just gives me blank pages, despite cleaning headers, checking nozzles, alignment, whatever, you name it. Would like to have this fixed, kind of a waste otherwise.

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    Ink Bleeder/Non-ADF Feeder

    • Written by from Quimby

    I agree with the others on this one. Can Apple please send me a box and label to return this printer so I can try one that might work. I'm willing to spend more money! I hate it when you think the ADF is going great only to be disappointed after the second page, I don't mind waiting as long if I can leave the room... I'm so happy with my Apple computer, why can't the printer be the same?! If you are going to have a feeder option, make it work please! Otherwise it is just a single scan POS, (Not Point of Sale). Love Steve Jobs but should have hired Xerox to fix the printer problem a long time ago.

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    Not good for light users

    • Written by from San Francisco

    I loved this printer when I first got it. Small, compact, printed great. But after a few months of very light use, the black ink would print very spotty. Selecting the option on the printer to clean the print nozzle worked the first few times. Eventually no black ink would print at all, even after replacing the black ink.

    Apparently, Epson printers are known for their print heads getting clogged. Especially for someone who doesn't print often. I was told having the printer repaired is as expensive or more expensive than buying a new printer. What a waste. I hate to throw an otherwise flawless printer in the trash, because of this little Epson flaw.

    If you do have this printer and it's working fine still, you may wish to print a few sheets of printer outs at least once a week. I heard that helps keep the print head from clogging.

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