Would you recommend this product for a smaller animal?

I have a rather small cat. Not a kitten, just small. I can't really tell how big or bulky it might be on him.

PocketFinder Personal GPS Locator (Powered by LBT)

PocketFinder Personal GPS Locator (Powered by LBT)

Product No Longer Available

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    It is recommended that the pet be 20lbs or bigger. Even though it's only 1.7oz, the size is still too big for a small cat. For big dogs it's perfect on the collar, some people with smaller dogs will put it on the harness and that seems to work well. Big dog owners should purchase the sports pack to get the nylon holder that fits on a collar. The silicone holder is good for kids and backpacks but is not strong enough for a pet on their collar.

  • The PocketFinder is approximately 1.6 ounces, so it's recommended for pets that weigh at least 15lbs.