would this work for a light weight monitor?

i have a light weight samsung 23' monitor, and i use this flimsy metal rack and put my mac mini under it and was wondering if this would support the monitor

Belkin Zero Stand for MacBook Pro

Belkin Zero Stand for MacBook Pro

Product No Longer Available

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  • Take a look at that round plastic part in the vertical section of the stand, where the cables are designed to pass through. That's actually a connector between the top and bottom halves of the stand, so the stand is only as strong as that little piece of plastic. It's not a problem for a laptop, but I think a display would bend and possibly break it.

    I suppose you could weigh your display and see if it's anywhere close to the the 5.6 lb. weight of a 15" MacBook Pro.

    One other consideration is that the top of this stand is just a big hollow ring, so you would probably have to lay something flat on top to provide a surface for the display to rest on.