Will the EarPods work with other smartphones and audio devices?

The new EarPods look like incredible headphones and I'm wondering if I can use them with my Android device since I'm not an iPhone user. I understand the remote and volume control are software based and thus not supported, but what about the audio enhancements.

  • Asked by Brandon H from Johnson City
  • 12-Sep-2012
Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

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    Yes the EarPods work with other smartphones and audio devices. I have been using EarPods with my HTC Wildfire S.As for the audio control it works for it too.

    • Answered by Yousuf S
    • 13-Sep-2012
  • The EarPods use a standard 3.5mm jack which means it'll work with all kinds of music players & Android phones. Was that your question?

    • Answered by Amr K
    • 13-Sep-2012
  • Work on my Galaxy Nexus.
    The play/pause button works too, and tapping twice will skip track, but 3 taps for previous and volume up/down do not work. Sound good though.

    • Answered by Rob A
    • 19-Sep-2012
  • EarPods, at least as headphones, work anywhere you can plug them in. As for the microphone and controls, pretty much all current Android smartphones can take advantage of them. Other audio devices, such as old or uncommon MP3 players (aka non-iPod) probably can't make use of the mic and controls, but the sound will still work just fine.

    • Answered by Paul H from Dallas
    • 13-Sep-2012
  • Audio probably works, but unless your Android device understands the input coming from the volume up and down, and the pause/play button, it may not work well to control your music.

    • Answered by Howard D I from Dallas
    • 14-Sep-2012
  • They work with Android, even the remote does.

    • Answered by Benny S
    • 13-Sep-2012
  • I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and based on the "most useful" responses I read on this thread, I purchased a pair of EarPods with remote and mic to use as my hands-free device. The audio works (I can hear the other person) but the mic does not (they cannot hear me). Additionally, when I tried to use the mic, apparently the person I was calling heard a noise similar to a dial-up modem. Very disappointed, as these are the only headphones I have ever tried that fit comfortably in my ears and I have no plans to buy an iPhone.

    • Answered by Corey E from Hackettstown
    • 21-May-2014
  • By audio enhancements, I assume you are referring to the enhanced sound output that is supposed to result from the improved earbud design. If that's the case, then yes you will have the same sound audio enhancements as someone using an Apple device.

    • Answered by Joshua C from Provo
    • 13-Sep-2012
  • They will work but the volume and/or mic features might not...same problem in the previous version of them

    • Answered by Bradley W from Kennesaw
    • 12-Sep-2012
  • They will function as headphones in anything with a 3.5mm jack, but the remote and mic will only work on an iDevice.

    • Answered by Alexander O
    • 13-Sep-2012
  • The earpods work on HTC phones (Android & Windows Phones). They do not work on Samsung & Nokia phones. I'm a big fan of these ear pods but I do not use an iphone. It looks like pretty much everyone on this thread is wrong. The headset works on any device with a 3.5mm jack, but the mic only works on HTC phones. There may be an exception here and there but this is what I found in my testing.

    • Answered by Sai C from Fremont
    • 19-Sep-2013
  • the basic features should work with all phones with the 3.5 mm jack, but volume buttons may have some issues with other devices

    • Answered by Shashank S from College Station
    • 12-Sep-2012
  • it really depends, if the audio enhancement is software based then it wont on other devices. If the enhancement is the hardware then it will work with the other devices. like you said yes the controls wont work on other devices. For me my android the play/pause button works and the mic but thats it.

    • Answered by Reece H
    • 13-Sep-2012
  • Yes

    • Answered by Lester O
    • 10-Oct-2012
  • Yes. The microphone and headphones will work with other devices that have a 3.5mm headset jack. Volume controls are not supported.

    • Answered by Jonathan C from Markham
    • 12-Sep-2012
  • They are like any standard earbuds. The remote and mic are not available with android devices. All of the other audio features built in should work just fine.

    • Answered by Nicky C from Dix Hills
    • 13-Sep-2012
  • The audio enhancements aren't software related, so yes, the EarPods will work with Android devices that use the standard 3.5 mm jack (which is pretty much all of them). Some Android phones do support the remote functions as well.

    • Answered by Samuel B from Fort Mill
    • 13-Sep-2012
  • Audio will work.

    • Answered by Michael H from Downers Grove
    • 13-Sep-2012
  • Not completely. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note, and the volume controls don't work. But the sound and center button seem to work fine. The sound is great too.

    • Answered by Jeremy T from Houston
    • 21-May-2014
  • The volume buttons do not work. However, you may pause/play with a single middle click, go to your next track with two, and previous with 3. On KitKat (as far as I know) you can hold on the button and Google Now will come up.

    • Answered by Reno H from Redondo Beach
    • 11-Mar-2014