will airport extreme link with samsung blu-ray player

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    It absolutely will. Apple's Airport Extreme will connect with any Wi-Fi 802.11 (a,b,g & n) products & what's really great about the Airport Extreme is that it's Dual-Band so it can link all your items at the correct band without interfering or lagging any other items that are all linked to it. I personally know this because I have a Samsung Blu-Ray Player hooked up to BD Live via my Airport Extreme Wireless Wi-Fi Home Network. The Airport Extreme also has Ethernet outputs just as most Wireless Routers do just incase some of your products don't have 802.11 Wi-Fi built in & need to be linked the traditional way (wired) via Ethernet Cable so if your Blu-Ray player doesn't have Wi-Fi it can still be linked wired. My Airport Extreme is currently linked to my 27-Inch iMac, XBOX 360, PlayStation 3, Apple TV, iPhone, iPod, 2 MacBook Pro's, Cannon MP980 Wireless Printer & my Samsung Blu-Ray Player which all work simultaneously at blazing speeds with no lag what so ever. I hope that helps answer your question?

  • Certainly, as long as the player model you're referring to has WiFi, or an Ethernet cable (AirPort Extreme does not include that cable).

  • I had these exact same problems getting my Samnsung Blu-Ray player to connect to my Apple Dual-Band airport extreme. However, after hours of troubleshooting... I found the solution.

    I updated the firmware on my Blu-ray player by using internet connection sharing and jacking it in to my laptop... I do not know if my solution requires the updated firmware, but it might work without it.

    1. YOU DO NOT NEED TO CHANGE ANY SETTINGS ON YOUR AIRPORT EXTREME. The default wireless settings will work just fine. (I used WPA2 Personal as the encryption)

    2. With your network running, open Airport Utilities and go to the manual setup for your base station.

    3. Go to the Base Station drop down menu and click "Add Wireless Clients". Choose the option to do it by pin. We must now go get the Pin from the blu-ray player.

    4. Go to your Samsung blu-ray player and search for your wireless network.. you should now see a pink WPS icon by your network. Choose your network and it should prompt you with several options... choose the one to connect by pin.

    5.Input the pin that the blu-ray player gives you into the space provided in airport utilities window and hit continue.

    6. Your blu-ray player should now be connected to your network.