Will Airport Extreme Base Increase my file transfer and streaming speed

I have an older Verizon Wireless Router that connects all the devices including the verizon services. Will an Airport Extreme Base Station increase my file transfer and viewing from my Mac Mini to Macbook? Is it best to connect to the internet router (verizon) via an ethernet cable or wireless? Would more memory on the Mac Mini increase the file display speed?

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    Connect via Ethernet to the Verizon Router. Disable wifi from the Verizon router to minimise interference.
    It should dramatically speed file transfer. If you connect via 5GHZ N it will more than double the speed.
    RAM's never a bad thing, if you've got the spare $s then why not. But if it's the current gen Mini it's not necessary to upgrade it to transfer files.
    If you want blazing fast speeds, invest in some SSD on the machines you read and write from/to. Combined with the AE you'll see a massive improvement.