why doesnt my nike plus ipod track my distance?

Ipod touch 3rd Gen wont track the distance i have run, the pace meter and timer work fine but it wont track the distance.

Nike + iPod Sensor

Nike + iPod Sensor

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    Try to read this one! The second method are good for mine...

    Method 1: Soft Resetting Your Apple iPod Touch and Nike+ Sensor.

    Push and hold down both the Top Power Button and the Middle Home Button for about 10 seconds until the Apple symbol appears. Once the Apple appears, you can let go, and your iPod will reboot itself (like a computer).

    Grab a pen or pencil and push and hold the button on the back of the Nike+ sensor for ten (10) seconds, then rapidly depress the button four (4) times.

    Just to make sure the sensor is linked properly, we’re going to relink it by going to Settings > Nike+ iPod > Sensor > Link New.

    Method 2: Update Your Apple iPod Touch, Nano, or iPhone and ensure the time settings are correct.

    Charge your iPod, plug it into iTunes or a wall. Connect your iPod to your wireless network and check for updates.

    How does that timestamp in the upper-center of the screen look? Is it close? In my case the time appeared to be off by only a few hours, but that wasn’t the case at all. Go to Settings > General > Date & Time > Set Date & Time. Is your time correct? How about the year? My iPod had traveled back in time to 1970! Set the date and time to be as accurate as possible.

    Your Nike+ sensor should be working properly and accurately keeping track of your distance now.