What exactly is the case for replacing an existing wifi router with Airport Extreme

In the UK and France (I live in both), you can no longer get an Internet connection from an ISP (ADSL or Cable) without getting a wifi router along with it. In my French setup, my Sagem router seems to me to give rather a weak signal and it defaults to the slowest network technology. I am already extending it with an Airport Express (via Ethernet) due to thick walls in a large old house, but there are areas with a very weak signal and the whole network is running slowly.

Does it make sense to buy an Airport Extreme, attach it to the back of the Sagem router via Ethernet, then turn off the wifi in the Sagem and rely on the Airport network? Will I gain speed and range? Do people normally buy Airport Extremes to do this - if not, how do these devices fit in to the world of pre-existing routers?

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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  • I Have the original 1st generation Mac pro. It never came with a wifi card so I used a router cause I use a cable modem. I recently purchased an airport extreme base station so I could have wifi. I did away with the router and wifi works great! I went wih the airport extreme base station because I got an iPad. Hope I answered ur question. The speed is excellent.