What do I have to disable in my wireless router modem for the TC to work as my wireless access point for my broadband?

I have a Netgear wireless modem router and this question section talks about disabling some aspects of these type of devices. This appears to be when you wish the TC to act as the access point and then have it connected using a wire to the Netgear device to the internet. What do I need to do or disable?

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QA Apple Time Capsule

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    There is very little different in having your Netgear continue to be your wireless access point and having the Time Capsule take that on unless your Netgear doesn't support current protocols and is slow. In any case all you'd need to do is turn off your wireless on your Netgear in the Admin settings and turn on the wireless on the Airport Extreme. If you don't know how to access the management interface for your Netgear router I'd recommend just connecting your Airport to your Netgear's ethernet ports and calling it even on the configuration.