What are the supported audio out formats?

If an iTunes movie is purchased with Dolby 5.1, could this be used to play Dolby 5.1 through a HDMI receiver
Dolby 5.1,DTS-MA, Dolby TruHD or stereo, etc?

Apple 30-pin Digital AV Adapter

Apple 30-pin Digital AV Adapter

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    I was delighted to find it output LPCM 5.1, as I only have 5.1 implemented - I can see no reason why 7.1 will not work as well.
    LPCM IS THE Purest Lossless format!
    It's how I play All the latest codecs. SOUNDS FANTASTIC FOR AN iPhone!

  • It depends on what you have, and how you connected it for example if you have your surround system or movie theater connected to you your TV you would actually do 5.1 out or 7.1 that will be the best way to have it connected. ;)