Up to how many devices can be connected to a time capsule at any same moment?

I currently have 2 iPhones a windows desktop, and a iPad. I'm wondering if I get the time capsule can support 5 or more devices at any given time.

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    Fifty (50) on the wireless network. It's got simultaneous dual-band networks, for one thing - the 2.4GHz iPhones generally can use a different network than the 5GHz iPad uses, so the iPhones will not slow down the iPad. When you setup with AirPort Utility, just use the "Automatic" settings that are the default.

  • Time Capsule and Airport Extreme can support up to 50 DHCP clients so you are well within it's limits.
    Bear in mind that any wireless G devices connected will pull the speed down for all devices to G speeds.
    I have mine configured to broadcast the 5ghz signal with a different SSID which enables me to connect N devices exclusively to the N network to preserve the faster speeds that these devices can use.