time capsule

I would like to use the TIme Capsule as a server and stream music from it to B&W Zeppelin. Would it be possible and can I control control the playback and volume through my iPhone?

If this does not work, is there a way to use a Mac as a server for music, have Zeppelin to play it back and use iPhone to control it?

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  • Best Answer:

    Yes, it's possible. The TC store all your music collection and with iTunes you play the music to the Zeppelin Air. I have a TC and I can say that is the best solution for play the music wirelessly because the N band.

  • Dunno about using Time Capsule, but some other options are:

    1/ Stream directly from your iPhone with Airplay.
    Really simple to set up but limited by the storage capacity, battery life and location of your iPhone. Good if you live alone and your entire music collection fits on your iPhone; not so good if you're not home and other people want to listen to music.

    2/ Stream from iTunes on your mac, and use the Remote app on your iPhone to control iTunes. Simple solution, but requires your mac to be running iTunes when you want to listen to music.

    An ideal solution would be to put your entire music collection on a high capacity iPod with wifi capabilities, but sadly these don't exist!