The spec says bi-directional usb. How is sending audio back to the guitar utilized?

From the spec: "Type Mini-B USB connector offering bi-directional audio streaming"

Squier by Fender® USB Stratocaster Guitar

Squier by Fender® USB Stratocaster Guitar

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    Hi James,

    The guitar signal is sent to the iOS device or Mac. The audio is then being processed by an app like GarageBand, AmpliTube etc. and send back to the guitar via the same cable that connects the guitar to the device. The audio then goes into the headphone amp and comes out through the 1/8" output. The headphone amp volume can be controlled by one of the control pots on the guitar itself. This means that the headphones can plug right into the guitar to monitor your backing tracks and processed guitar tone. Only one cable goes to the iOS device or Mac.

    Hope this helps!

  • You can plug a headphone set into the back of the guitar. I understand that the bi-directional signal permits music played and augmented by, say, Garageband to be heard through the headphones rather than just the plain guitar output.

  • Oh NO. This guitar is NOT a controller like the YOUROCK guitars. You can't play 'piano' for instance from garageband. I am very disappointed. I feel mis-lead actually. I guess its back to my little YOUROCK guitar now... I was hoping that the Fender usb guitar would be a controller allowing me to input piano, strings, flute, oboe, bass, synths, but NO.