Q1: Which device consumes more power, the Airport Extreme Base Station or the Airport Express Base Station?

Q2: I have 2 devices. One uses an AirLink Sierra Wireless RAVEN X Modem (AT&T service). The other uses a digicom modem (Sprint service). None of the device has wireless capability. I like to use only AT&T service and place them both on one Base Station. Unfortunately one device still uses a 9-pin serial for communication (versus ethernet) and the other device has ethernet and can be plugged into a typical network from my understanding. Will one of the base station work toward this potential setup to save service cost?
Q3: Is there a 9-pin serial to ethernet dongle?

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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  • A1: The Express draws around 20W (0.2A at 100VAC) (worst case, ignoring AC power factors). The Extreme is around 22W (1.8A at 12VDC), but that doesn't include inefficiencies in it's external power supply.

    A2-3: Serial and Ethernet are two different technologies. Hardware wise, you there are serial DE9 to USB converters that could physically connect it to either Airport device, but I doubt either has the drivers to use it as a modem. The Express probably only has printer drivers and the Extreme would have printers and external disk drivers.