Is that an 'optical' input plug on the back of the little black electronic module? It's labelled "digital" whereas the Apple TV module is "optical".

Do I need to use the 3.5mm jack for input or can I use optical input off of my Airpot Express? If you take a close look at the picture of the stacked Apple TV and Paradigm module, the digital input and optical input look like different connectors.

Paradigm Millenia CT Speaker System

Paradigm Millenia CT Speaker System

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    The digital input plug on the Paradigm module is the standard optical/toslink connector. The Apple 3.5 plug doubles as either analog or optical/digital output. Paradigm includes a 3.5 analog cable and an optical digital cable with standard optical connectors (AppleTV uses the standard optical connector) I have an Airport Express also and bought a 1M 3.5 digital to std toslink cable at a local electronic parts store for $15.00. Either way the system sounds awesome, but I give slight nod to digital.

  • These are the same inputs, they are just labelled differently. Apple TV Optical input is the same as digital input on the Millenia CT.