I have non-Thunderbolt MBP now... If I get this for my current Mac, will this monitor somehow work with a Thunderbolt-equipped when I get one?

I currently have a 2010 MacBook Pro that doesn't have Thunderbolt. If I get this monitor to connect to my current MBP, then I upgrade to a newer, Thunderbolt-equipped later, with this monitor connect to my TB Mac by some method so I can still use it as a monitor (regardless of the TB-specific features)? I ask because I need a second monitor now but likely won't be upgrading my computer for a year or two. I have heard how long these monitors can last and am hoping I can continue using it after I upgrade given how expensive it is.

Refurbished Apple LED Cinema Display (27" flat panel)

Refurbished Apple LED Cinema Display (27" flat panel)

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    Yes. Thunderbolt in the latest MBP utilizes the same physical plug as mini-Displayport that this monitor has as its video cable. More importantly, Thunderbolt output from the latest MBP is also technically designed to pass the Displayport video signal through to monitors such as this one that does out have a Thunderbolt connection.

    The other way around is what is not possible...there is no way to connect a non-Thunderbolt MBP (or any other computer for that matter) to a Thunderbolt 27" display because Thunderbolt Cinema Display's Thunderbolt video input can only handle an income Thunderbolt video signal and it has no other video inputs.

  • I had the same concern before buying my MacBook Air. In short the answer is yes, you will not have a problem. I actually went to the Mac store and walked through all the possible combinations with an Apple employee. The final results are summarized here:

    Apple doesn't let me post links, so just google search:

    Michael Thunderbolt Compatibility

    And it's the first link.