How many cycle charges for MacBook White battery?

QA Rechargeable Battery 13" MacBook

QA Rechargeable Battery 13" MacBook

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    My cycle count was slightly above 350 when it began to tell me I should consider replacing it. It is now over 400 and telling me I should replace it soon. I intend to do so. I have a habit of letting it almost completely discharge before recharging it. I have had this unit for over 4 years and it has been my principal home computer.

  • I bought my MacBook in 2008 it's a white one and the battery that came with it just died completely (it no longer holds any charge). It died at 794 charges, and I didn't usually charge it completely and drain it completely the way you are supposed to for optimal battery health.

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  • I normally use the battery unplugged until MacBook warns me it is going to turn off -- usually at 5%, 6% of remaining charge. Then I let it recharge, while using the Macbook normally. As soon as it is 100% charged, I disconnect it and so on.

    I am using iStat to monitor my Macbook, and it says the battery is in its 1,587th cycle, with 76% health.

    I don't know if I can trust in iStat's analisys, but I bought my Macbook in 2007, and only now, 6 years latter, it is starting to warn me that i should "Replace Soon" the battery. So, I guess with the original battery, if you use it properly, you can have quite a long useful lifetime.

  • As of 4 January 2015 we have clocked up 912 (from early 2010). We tend to recharge at anything between 5 - 15% and wait until 100% then disconnect soon after. We have noticed recently that a recharge is required sooner - but this may be connected to the type of application / purpose.

  • mine is now at 1374 cycles and still holds about an hour and a half of charge. so yeah take care of it well and it will last a long time