How long does the battery last if you just use it as a watch?

Battery Life

HEX Vision Metal Watchband for iPod nano (6th Gen.)

HEX Vision Metal Watchband for iPod nano (6th Gen.)

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    I use my nano as a watch and also run the pedometer all day. I use about 75% of a charge in one day, so unfortunately I have to charge it every night. It is still worth it to me - get tons of compliments and really like the functionality.

  • It has lasted me a week on one full charge. This is JUST using it to look at time, not listening to music, or looking at photos.

  • Straight down to it, it's mostly dependent on how often you check the time. The nano goes into sleep mode and the watch face is displayed upon waking it, so it's not a bright watch screen all the time. I get a few days out of my nano, and that is even listening to music here and there.