How is this product different from other similar products?

Pear Training Intelligence Personal Training System

Pear Training Intelligence Personal Training System

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    unlike the run of the mill heart rate monitors like garmin, polar suunto etc - this is like having a coach - a coach voice guides you interactively during your workout telling you what to do etc - in addition it logs all the other stuff to, distance, speed, mapping, calories, heart rate graph

  • The PEAR app and Personal Training System is different from other products for a few different reasons. The main reason is that you have a coach with you for every workout.
    1. You take a calibration workout that is 20 minutes long. This sets your personal fitness zones. Then all your workouts are calibrated for your zones. As you get into better shape we recommend that you take this assessment again. This will allow your fitness zones and workouts to stay up to date with you.
    2. We have different workouts and training plans that you are guided through with real coaching. You receive real coaching to let you know to speed up, slow down, doing great. You also receive tips and information to improve your workout. All this is done while guiding you through your personal workout.
    3. You receive all this coaching while also getting to listen to your favorite music
    4. When a workout is completed you are able to see all your stats.