Extending Roaming Network, Airport Extreme with APPLE TV

I have a Time Capsule on the third floor of my house in the office. I use this as the DHCP router. Wireless coverage is good on the top and middle floor, however when I get to the bottom floor the signal is weaker, slower and prone to drop outs.

The bottom floor is where I have my older second iMac, a MacBook Pro, and my home theater which has Apple TV. They all can get a weak wireless signal from the Time Capsule, but like I said it is slow and unreliable. I want to create a roaming network by adding an Airport Extreme to the bottom floor. I have heard that a solid connection from Time Capsule to Airport Extreme with Cat6 or Cat5e ethernet cable is the much preferred and more reliable way to do this.

I would need to run the Cat6 cable on the outside of the house, approximately 120 feet down from the office. There is already a Coax cable that makes that same run to provide cable TV to my bottom floor home theater. I would plan to set the Extreme in bridge mode to act as another Wireless Access Point.
1. Is exterior grade Cat6 cable available to make this outside run?
2. Will the transmission be affected if the Cat6 runs close to the Coax cable?
3. The Apple TV device will be in close proximity to where I plan to place the Airport Extreme, should they be connected via ethernet port or connected wirelessly?
4. Would I need to set the Time Capsule and the Airport Extreme to different channels?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    I already do this in myself, all of it but run the cat6 on the outside of my house. But there was a time when I looked into running network cable on the outside of a house.

    1. Yes, you can buy cat6 that is rated for outside installation
    2. Absolutely not, both the coax and the cat6 are high grade cabling. Coax is made with shielded wiring and will not affect your network cabling.
    3. My Apple TV is situated about 20 feet from my AirPort Extreme in my basement and it is wireless. It runs Great. Although a wired connection is always nice if easily connected and will provide even faster speeds if you are streaming video to your Apple TV from your computer or an iOS device..
    4. In regards to the channels, I just left whatever the defaults were set at and my roaming network works beautifully.

    I've also got many other things that are part of my entertainment system hooked up to the wired network downstairs. Hooking up that second airport downstairs gives the added advantage of giving you 4 more wired ports downstairs as well.