Ethernet ports: what is the use of the extra 3 ports?

Can I use the extra 3 ports for anything useful? Are there any cables that are ethernet to usb or firewire?

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    The three ethernet ports are in fact gigabit ethernet ports. As well as enabling non-wifi enabled computers to join the network, these ports can also be used for network printers and hard drives. The big advantage is that the the 1000-base gigabit ethernet is in fact theoretically faster than both USB 2.0, Firewire 400 AND Firewire 800. You may or may not consider that useful.

    Ethernet to USB or Firewire does not exist as far as I'm aware. But as stated above, you can get better performance from a network drive than any of the other connections.

  • In case you want to hook up more then one computer, not using wireless. Some computers don't have wireless. And to answer your question no, you use them for other computers, there is no such thing as a ethernet to usb cable.