Does the WD 3TB My Book for Mac Desktop USB hard drive work with Airport Express?

WD My Book for Mac Desktop Hard Drive

WD My Book for Mac Desktop Hard Drive

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    It does not work with the AirPort Express. It does work with AirPort Extreme and can be used for backup with Time Machine. I personally have this setup, it definitely works with AirPort Extreme.


    AirPort Express - USB Printers Only on both Old & New Versions

    AirPort Extreme Base Station (AEBS) - USB Printers & External Drives
    Time Machine NOT RELIABLE on AEBS

    Time Capsule - USB Printers, External Drives & Time Machine Officially Supported


    I tried the configuration RafaelS mentioned for about a year and while I could make it work, it was not reliable. I found myself frequently rebuilding the disk with Disk Utility or loosing my backups altogether - both time consuming and aggravating.

    If you want to do WiFi Time Machine backups I recommend that you use either a Time Capsule or an External Drive connected to a Mac that is shared and set aside for that purpose. OS X Server has good support for these configurations if you have an iMac, Mac Mini or Mac Pro.

  • You can't connect HDs to Express. Newer versions of Extreme can network HD storage, but will not backup with Time Machine.