does the smart cover for the ipad 2 fit the ipad 3 or will i have to order a new one when it comes out

iPad Smart Cover

iPad Smart Cover

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    It will fit, same as Ipad 2.

  • Nope, it fits both ipad two and "the new ipad!"

  • From what I've seen, the new iPad (3rd Gen) is only like 0.03 inches larger than the iPad 2 so I would think the difference won't matter, unless the smartcover is very precisely cut to size where that difference would be noticeable. That said, the Apple Store site says the smart cover will fit iPad 2 "or later" so I don't think you'd have to buy a new one for it.

  • I bought one. It fits, but in my case Ipad new can't be switched off with the help of the cover. The magnet is in some other place there, i think!

  • Yes, I think that the iPad smart Cover will fit the iPad (2nd Gen.) as well as the iPad (3rd Gen.). I don't think that you will have to buy a new cover just for the iPad (3rd Gen.). I hope this answer helps!

  • The covers may fit but be careful as Apple changed the polarity of the magnets in the new iPad so many cases will not auto lock the iPad and put it in to sleep mode.