Does the base the mat lays on have to be perfectly flat ? Is a minor transition across the middle ok ?

I want to place the mat on a ping pong table. The middle seam of the table isn't perfectly even. I can place tape across the seam to make a smooth transition. Does the base that the mat lays on have to be perfectly flat ?

  • Asked by Frank L from Bellmore
  • 20-Dec-2013
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1 Answer from the Community

  • Hi Frank,
    It depends on the width and the depth of the transition. If you can cut out card board pieces to bridge the transition and make sure it's flush to the surface of the ping pong table it should be fine. The surface does not have to be perfectly flat and works fine on textured hardwood floor.

    • Answered by Anki C from San Jose
    • 22-Dec-2013