Does it work with skype?!

Before buying it, i was wondering if it works fine with skype for both iPod and iPhone.

  • Asked by Caio O from Sao Paulo
  • 13-Sep-2012
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21 Answers from the Community

  • Best Answer:

    Yes, I'd does. You can get the free Skype app on the app store.

    • Answered by Aaron S from Highlands Ranch
    • 14-Sep-2012
  • There is a skype app for iPod Touch and iphone and it works great, taking full use of the cameras, front and back. The shuffle, nano and classic however have no skype availability.

    • Answered by David M
    • 15-Sep-2012
  • Yes, it works perfectly but you can not use it if you do not have wifi connection
    Other than that its perfect,
    the only thing is on the iOS skype you cant make a group chat like on the mac or pc versions

    • Answered by Lachie H
    • 15-Sep-2012
  • I have an IPod 3 and Skype works well with it. Voice only of course, but the 4 and 5 should work equally well with video included.

    • Answered by Elissa D from Bloomburg
    • 20-Sep-2012
  • Yes! It works! Skype won't be very Handy with a iPhone 1-2-3 Gen, but will work great with a 4-4S and a 5! also works great with an iPod touch 4 & 5. Generations below 4 in iPod don't have cameras or microphones, so You'll have to buy the newer generations!

    • Answered by Taevy G from Tulsa
    • 16-Sep-2012
  • If the iTouch can receive wifi signals when it is in your home of at a restaurant or bar that has free internet (ask for the password) ; then Skype can be downloaded and operate within range of that signal. One has to use and purchase the earphones cord with a inline microphone as well. Apple does not have Skype as an app, it is from another source. I have an older unit and use it to call home when I am traveling in various countries.

    • Answered by David H S from Belleville
    • 21-Sep-2012
  • yes it does you just have do download skype from the app store

    • Answered by Ligia F from Miami
    • 20-Sep-2012
  • Yes its fine!

    • Answered by Hilman H from Craigieburn
    • 20-Sep-2012
  • The ipod touch 4th generation works perfectly with skype. Just download the free skype app from the app store sign in and you are good to go. I found the audio quality better than my desktop computer.

    I am planning a trip to England and one of the reasons that I got the ipod touch was to use skype to make phone calls when I was out of the country.

    • Answered by Paul K from New York
    • 19-Sep-2012
  • Yes, it works with skype.

    • Answered by Joseph D from New Brunswick
    • 19-Sep-2012
  • Yes Both iPod touch and iPhone work perfect with Skype over wifi or 3g ( iPhone only )

    • Answered by Sebastien B from Sainte-julie
    • 17-Sep-2012
  • I have an iPod 4th gen and an iPhone 4. Both work fine with Skype, as does my iPad 2.

    • Answered by Christine A from Tarneit
    • 18-Sep-2012
  • Yes, it does. Even my older iPod touch works with Skype - great!

    • Answered by Jim D from Appling
    • 16-Sep-2012
  • Yes, it does work with skype.

    • Answered by Patti M from Kansas City
    • 16-Sep-2012
  • Yes. But you just need to connect over wifi.

    • Answered by Zhong-ming M
    • 16-Sep-2012
  • Yeah, I've used Skype many times on my iPod touch 4th generation!
    If you have a previous generation iPod touch, I suppose that a pair of earphones with mic will work, too!
    The only requirement is an active wifi connection :)

    • Answered by Kos M
    • 21-Sep-2012
  • yes

    • Answered by Imani H
    • 16-Sep-2012
  • Yes

    • Answered by Rejeanne C from Buena Park
    • 15-Sep-2012
  • Yes, but due to the lack of 3G/4G connectivity you will need to be connected to WiFi and use your ear buds with built in mic.

    • Answered by Paul G
    • 15-Sep-2012
  • Yes. You can download in App Store. But you must have WiFi

    • Answered by Владислав М
    • 14-Nov-2012