Does it offer remote connections like a NAS box if it's connected to a iMac and turned on 24/7? So i can connect to it at work or at home?

  • Asked by Ray C
  • 19-Jan-2014
PROMISE Pegasus2 R4 Diskless 4Bay Thunderbolt 2 RAID System

PROMISE Pegasus2 R4 Diskless 4Bay Thunderbolt 2 RAID System

Product No Longer Available

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    No, it does not.

    The Pegasus2 (and all other devices that connect via Thunderbolt) are connected to just one computer and "belong" to that computer just like an internal drive or a drive connected via USB.

    Of course, you can absolutely connect to the computer the device is attached to and access it via that computer (think "back to my Mac").

    • Answered by Roger D
    • 20-Jan-2014
  • It works great from my other macs. When I am in my home wireless network I use the feature of screen sharing. I get the power of my Mac pro with the use of my wife's mac book air. You can move things around and edit any way you like. Use Back to the Mac on the road. I love this device

    • Answered by George P from Prairie Village
    • 9-Jul-2014
  • Hi this is not a NAS its like an external hard drive its local storage to that computer and nothing more its not a NAS.

    • Answered by Paul K from North Lakes
    • 2-Apr-2014