does anyone have these in australia that we can speak to? I have a 5 year old austistic child that runs away and want something very reliable.

It is a big stress

PocketFinder Personal GPS Locator (Powered by LBT)

PocketFinder Personal GPS Locator (Powered by LBT)

Product No Longer Available

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    I would recommend that you contact PocketFinder customer service directly
    (866 -726-7543) and ask them if they can provide information to you. My understanding is that there are customers in Australia who are successfully using the PocketFinder to assist with their special needs children, so customer service should be able to help.

    Please keep in mind that international roaming charges will apply if you're using the device outside of the US and Canada.

  • I have used a couple of these in Australia and they work well. The communications is through the GSM mobile network under a roaming agreement from AT&T. The GPS works well. I love the geo-fencing capability and I have found the locating to be accurate. Have you any other questions that I can help with???? I hope the device helps de-stress your situation a little.

  • Thankyou could you please tell me how long it takes to bring up the whereabouts as he is an extremely fast mover and 5 mins could be too long he may already be in danger I appreciate your response.

  • Frequency of locates is what you set it to be under the power tab option. The quickest option is every 2 minutes.