can you still play music using a non bluetooth headset

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  • Asked by Mike S from Grand Island
  • 6-Apr-2011
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iBike Dash Cycling Computer Deluxe

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    Not really. You could, but you'd have to leave the top of the case open. Because the case is meant to be waterproof, there is no way to plug headphones in while it is all closed up. While you could try leaving the top of the case open, it's probably not a good idea.

    • Answered by Nicholas A from Denver
    • 19-Apr-2011
  • No. For maximum water protection and cyclist safety the external phone jack is not available. The only way to hear music is by using a Bluetooth headset.

    • Answered by John H from Boca Raton
    • 26-Oct-2011
  • You could use blue tooth head phones. This would allow you to listen to music without leaving the cover open or having to worry about wires while riding. Do a search for sport blue tooth headphones and that should get you started in the right direction.

    • Answered by Chuck M from League City
    • 29-Jul-2011