Can we get more details about the Apple exclusive Squier Strat?

For instance: manufacturing location, woods used, pickup specs, color options, etc. Even with the great feature of plugging directly into an Apple device, tonal properties are still important to many guitarists.

Squier by Fender® USB Stratocaster Guitar

Squier by Fender® USB Stratocaster Guitar

Product No Longer Available

4 Answers from the Community

  • I spoke to Fender and confirmed that it's essentially a modified BULLET® STRAT® WITH TREMOLO HSS in Brown Sunburst. You can see that one on the Fender site, with build specs. Apple won't let me paste a link.

  • I had the same question on specs concerning strings more specifically as this, like all Squier rosewood neck, has black residue all over the fingerboard. I have numerous Fender guitars (38) and too many Squier models and the 'black on the fingerboard syndrome' always plagues the Squiers only. I have an idea as to why but it is not fact. Only to say I believe the black addresses a perseptual issue only. 'Nuf said. I will say that this is yet another example of Squier supplying a product that has a value that greatly exceeds the selling price. Solid build, above average pieces/parts, innovation ahead of the curve and backed by one of the most excepted name in instruments. Yeah, I wish it was USA made. I've wished I had Claptons' fingers and hands for thirty years too. Neither one is coming true. I'll enjoy the guitar and still listen to and love Slowhand.

    Bottom line, use the Squier tech specs from all the other Strats and I think we'll all be fine. I did use a micrometer on the strings and they match up with the 250s. .009 top and .042 bottom is how I read 'em. Good strummin' to you.

  • Made in Indonesia. Reviews I've read have been pretty good for the price.

  • I phoned Apple and was told that the colour is the colour. I hope more colours come in time...

    As for the rest, it's still a Fender Squier. I'm guessing it's the same everything as a standard Squier would have.