Can this be used with a MacBook Air and a 27" LED Cinema Display?

If I plug this in to the USB port on a 27" LED Cinema Display, will my MacBook Air be able to use it when connected to the monitor?

  • Asked by Jeff K from Farmington Hills
  • 23-Oct-2010
Apple USB Ethernet Adapter

Apple USB Ethernet Adapter

Product No Longer Available

3 Answers from the Community

  • Yes. I'm using the same setup right now (27" 2010 Cinema Display with 2011 MBA.)

    It worked flawlessly me and was very easy to setup. I've got the CD connected to the MBA via the Thunderbolt and USB ports. The USB Ethernet adapter is connected to the USB port behind the CD. It works well to conceal excess wires.

    • Answered by Parag M from North Wales
    • 30-May-2014
  • Answer

    As long as your MBA is using the CD as a USB hub it should work...

    • Answered by Robert B from Houston
    • 24-Oct-2010
  • Should be able to, as long as the connections are working.

    • Answered by Derek K from Hanover
    • 18-Jul-2011