Can the TC do double duty. i.e. as an internet router/back up device in one home, then as a back-up device only in a second home?

Here's the deal, we have two homes. In the main house we would use the TC to replace an existing Airport Extreme to function as the wireless internet router (as the Extreme currently does, working with a device from our microwave wireless provider) plus, of course, as back-up for three Macs.

Then, when we travel to California for winter, can we bring the Time Capsule down there, plug it into a wall outlet and use it simply as a back-up AND bridge device with the existing AirportExpress. (I'd rather not undo the Express as it plugs into the wall behind the stereo amplifier/tuner and is hard-wired into it for iTunes, Pandora, etc. play over the amp which then plays throughout the house speakers.) Would the TC function OK in a network as a 'subordinate' to the Express?

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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