Can iWork installable in Windows?

Can iWork installable in Windows?

  • Asked by Gopalakrishnan C
  • 17-May-2010
QA iWork - single and family pack

QA iWork - single and family pack

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    iWork is not currently install-able on Windows due to the major differences in the operating systems and the amount of work it takes to make it compatible with Windows. They are made from two completely different programming languages, styles, and architecture and they don't really want to exchange much information about each other's system in order for the other to be unable to "copy" it.

    Also the people at Apple want to try and make iWork something that only a Mac can do for marketing reasons (in other words they want to keep iWork another reason to get a Mac).

    And finally the graphics that iWork uses are pretty much only capable on Macs. Windows has not yet been able to compete with Apple when it comes to graphics so even if Apple made iWork for Windows they would have to tone down the graphic interface a LOT, which would require them to essentially start almost from scratch, which isn't really worth it.

    Hope this answers your question well enough!

    • Answered by Andrew L from Keller
    • 3-Dec-2011
  • No, I don't think so.

    • Answered by Monique R from Gold Coast
    • 20-May-2010