can i use the belkin 7-Port Ultra-Slim USB 2.0 Metal Desktop Hub with a usb power adapter?

i would like to use this to charge multiple divices at once with a usb power adapter(like the on that coms with the iPad)

Belkin Ultra-Slim USB 2.0 Desktop Hub

Belkin Ultra-Slim USB 2.0 Desktop Hub

Product No Longer Available

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    This product will not charge an iPad. It says so right on the tin. It doesn't draw nearly enough power to do that. I have not used this product - It may charge an iPhone, but not as quickly as the Apple charger. It may not be able to provide that much power to more than one port at a time.

    You're best off looking for products designed to charge devices, and not usb hubs. USB power adapters often send more power over USB than is officially allowed by the USB standard.