Can I use a wireless apple keyboard with ipad?

Apple iPad Dock

Apple iPad Dock

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    Yes, you may use a Bluetooth (wireless) Apple Keyboard with iPad

  • Yes. Any Bluetooth keyboard will work.

  • yes, but you will need the newer one. the old one have 3 batteries and the blue tooth is the the right hand side. the new one has only 2 batteries the the blue tooth is in the center. I have both and the new one connects without any issues. if in question take the ipad with you and test it...

  • You can use any apple bluetooth keyboard with it.

  • You can use the older version of the apple wireless keyboard. Not only does it allow you to type, but it contols the volume, brightness and the iPod controls.

  • Yes. You can use the standard apple wireless keyboard with the iPad.

  • Yes. I have been using the wireless apple keyboard with my iPad for the last week and it works great.